Love and Caring Ministries was founded by Maria Santos over 22 years ago.

Week after week, she continually brought food and the love of Christ to a group of homeless Hampton Roads locals.

Eventually, she opened a home in Virginia Beach for homeless and abused women.

Since many of these women had children, she also created rooms for women to live in with their children.

Maria’s ministry has impacted thousands of women by getting them back on their feet

and helping to create a new life for them. 


We partner with them to provide Blankets, Bags, Hot Pads, Wash Cloths, Hats and other items.


We dropped off a small load of washcloths, bags, and pot holders and hot pads in July 2024.

Our Ladies were working hard


Handcrafted Items donated:

8   Sewn Hot pads/Potholders

4   Thread Hot pads/Potholders

10 Terry Cloth Sewn Washcloths

7   Sewn Bowl Cozies

3   Handmade Dish Scrubbers

6   Devotion Squares

11 Thread Cotton Kitchen Washcloths

3   Small Tote Bags

2   Med Size Ditty Bags

2   Large Tote Bags

Various Donated Hygiene supplies, Lotion etc.

Total of 55 Items.