The year, 2023,  has been a huge success and these are about the totals

of what our Crafters for Charity Group have produced in the past year to
various Charities.

All items have been handcrafted by the volunteers:
(Please note the supplies have been donated as well)

17 Baby Hat and blanket sets
84 Adult/Youth Hats of various sizes
07 Plastic Egg Covers with treats
212 Devotion Squares
56 Knitted Knocker Sets
65 Reusable Shopping Bags
96 Kitchen Wash Clothes
07 Youth/baby Slippers Sets
87 Cat Shelter Blankets
21 Adult Sized Blankets
19 Kitchen Hot Pads
12 Youth Toys
27 Youth/Baby Blankets
16 Youth/Adult Hat & Scarf Sets

Thank you to the Senior Resource Center and our Volunteers for making our first year great!


Setting up for our Monthly Monday Meetings

Senior Resource Centers Mothers Day Tea 2023

Stuffing knitted Knockers at our Meetings

Wash cloths and Devotion Squares being blocked.

Some of our Wonderful Crafters